Christian Bustamante

Published Papers

The Long-Run Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy

Journal of Monetary Economics (2023), 140: 106-123

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The Contribution of Firm Profits to the Recent Rise in Inflation

With Panagiotis Bouras, Xing Guo, and Jacob Short

Economics Letters (2023), 233: 111449.

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Countercyclical Reserve Requirements in a Heterogeneous-Agent and Incomplete Financial Markets Economy

With Franz Hamann

Journal of Macroeconomics (2015), 46: 55-70.

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Working Papers

Debt Overhang, Monetary Policy and Economic Recoveries After Large Recessions

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Work in Progress

Monetary Policy, Wealth Inequality, and Lifecycle Dynamics

With Heejeong Kim, and Eunseong Ma

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The Household Credit Channel and The Heterogeneous Transmission of Monetary Policy

With Katya Kartashova, Soyoung Lee, and Alexander Ueberfeldt

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On the Sources of Ex-Ante Firm Heterogeneity

With Xing Guo, and Thomas Pugh

Protectionism, International Trade, and Inequality

With Heejeong Kim

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Pre-PhD Papers

Constant-Interest-Rate Projections and their Indicator Properties

With Luis E. Rojas

Borradores de Economia, Banco de la República (2012), No. 696.

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Race as Determinant on the Access of a Job of Quality: A Study for Cali

With Santiago Arroyo (in Spanish)

Ensayos sobre Política Económica (ESPE) (2008), 26(57): 130–175.

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